bullet journal hack ideas for creatives

I’ll admit it.

I’ve never been particularly good at organisation. That is — in the way most other people define it.

I’ve never been one for lists. I’m not a massive fan of the diary. I don’t plan, storyboard or control my time either. And yet, somehow, I used to be able to keep a schedule that catered for four casual jobs, two voluntary positions, rehearsals, projects, deadlines and, y’know, life and kept it all in check without the aid of a planner; digital or analogue. My house, traditionally, is a mess. All in all, somehow, I seem to navigate better in chaos — much to my mother’s horror.

It’s 2018. I’m 33 years old. This is the first time I’ve found a real method that allows for all the different streams of my life to be represented in a form which allows forward planning and reflection. It allows my paid work to sit next to my creative work. It allows me to keep ideas, class notes, a journal, adulting stuff, mindfulness tips, pretty things, achievements, and pretty much anything you’ve ever thought of in one spot. I was sceptical when I first saw the Bullet Journal introduction video, but as I’ve implemented it in my life, I literally cannot see how I ever did without it.*

While there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ideas out there in the world about the best bullet journaling practices (and boy have I learned from the community at large myself), I wanted to throw into the mix a few things I’ve found super helpful in the hopes that maybe other people might also appreciate these ideas. As I tweak them over time, and if I think they have merit, I’ll add to the list. But for now, this is how my journal keeps me honest as a practitioner and person.

*My back, particularly, thanks me for not lugging around four notebooks and a diary daily