Phoebe Anne Taylor is an independent artist based in Melbourne, Australia.
She straddles many mediums, and is known also as a theatre maker, an actor, a voice artist, a writer, a sometimes musician and occasionally a visual artist. She does not do sculpture unless invited in entirely silly circumstances.

Websites are often geared more towards the visual, as such, Phoebe's passions as a photographer often deal with ephemeral transient images, and things that disappear with time. She is drawn to street photography with the absence of identifiable people. She also is obsessed with light studies, and her images work in areas of light and dark and that wonderful collision between the two. Phoebe is available for portraiture and production stills for live performance; they are not exhibited here as she has weird feelings about using anonymous subjects' images, and has not received permission from past seated subjects for use online.

All that being said, some examples of Phoebe's acting work can be found below and her performance Curriculum Vitae is just to your right.

For more information on her other work or to discuss collaboration, please contact her directly via the email address below (please replace the [dot]s with the period symbol), or simply via the contact page.