bullet journal hack ideas for creatives

I’ll admit it.

I’ve never been particularly good at organisation. That is — in the way most other people define it.

I’ve never been one for lists. I’m not a massive fan of the diary. I don’t plan, storyboard or control my time either. And yet, somehow, I used to be able to keep a schedule that catered for four casual jobs, two voluntary positions, rehearsals, projects, deadlines and, y’know, life and kept it all in check without the aid of a planner; digital or analogue. My house, traditionally, is a mess. All in all, somehow, I seem to navigate better in chaos — much to my mother’s horror.

It’s 2018. I’m 33 years old. This is the first time I’ve found a real method that allows for all the different streams of my life to be represented in a form which allows forward planning and reflection. It allows my paid work to sit next to my creative work. It allows me to keep ideas, class notes, a journal, adulting stuff, mindfulness tips, pretty things, achievements, and pretty much anything you’ve ever thought of in one spot. I was sceptical when I first saw the Bullet Journal introduction video, but as I’ve implemented it in my life, I literally cannot see how I ever did without it.*

While there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ideas out there in the world about the best bullet journaling practices (and boy have I learned from the community at large myself), I wanted to throw into the mix a few things I’ve found super helpful in the hopes that maybe other people might also appreciate these ideas. As I tweak them over time, and if I think they have merit, I’ll add to the list. But for now, this is how my journal keeps me honest as a practitioner and person.

*My back, particularly, thanks me for not lugging around four notebooks and a diary daily

week (and a half) one

Getting back into habits is always a bit of a claw back process, but as promised, here are some of the highlights of this first week back in trying to photo-a-day. No real entertaining stories this week, but many interesting observations - many of which revolve around when I start to look for the image, I start to see the world in details which I'd often miss if I'm not looking out specifically for the little things. Some of these details are impossible to capture, but do populate the sense of what the week becomes - and when things are proving trying, remind me to be grateful, take time and appreciate everything as it happens and as we experience it.


personal development: research

… new concepts of chemicals, processes, mediums surfaced. I was coming to realise that there was a deep rabbit hole of what I didn’t know about development, and it was gently opening to me, unfurling with the starts of ideas that would not be easy to shake.

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fragments on connection


in this world
i'm looking for a fellow monster
to devour it with me
meal by meal
piece by piece


i want to be so in love
that i don't want to kill you
but i almost do
only to bring you back from the brink
and then i will face the prospect
of losing and having you forever


on permanence of teeth and skin and bones
these truths we call undeniably concrete
but these urban jungle crack around us
and are constantly being rebuilt